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Stormin' Bonneville

Written & Directed by Piero De Luca

After 13 years Lucky Burton sets a plan to finally get this project done and achieve his goal of taking it to the Bonneville Salt Flats all the while chasing his dream to get the record run that will stamp his name in the books as fastest comp coupe.

Against the clock, fellow racer and Bean Bandit, Fabian Valdez from Vintage Hammer visits the shop before we head to Northern California to engine builder Tim Mc Master from Hanford Auto Supply, to get the flathead breathing again!

With only 5 weeks left, Lucky and the fellas tear the car apart and clean, final weld, body work and finally get some color on this pig.  This episode is dedicated to our good friend Joe "T Creep" Teauge who left us to soon. RIP my friend. 


We are down to just 2 weeks as we gasp for time as all hands on deck to get the car wrapped up so master striper and race car lettering guru, Dennis Jones lays down the art and stamps the final look of the car!


We are finally on the way to Bonneville to live out Lucky's 15 year dream, but Mother Nature has a different plan for us. follow along as the tires hit the salt.


We head to El Mirage California for a photoshoot test/tune the car in hopes to finally see what years of hard work can actually produce!


Lucky and his team prep the car for another chance to hit Speed Week 2020. Lucky checks some things off the list to fix from El Mirage and we head to a cool spot for a magazine shoot before we hit the road to the salt.


The moment we have been waiting for finally arrives as Lucky and the crew set off to race the comp coupe on the Bonneville Salt Flats during Bonneville Speed week 2020. This dream that started for Lucky 15 years ago is finally being lived!

Watch our interview with the filmmaker, Piero De Luca, and hot rod builder, Lucky Burton.

Piero De Luca

Writer, Director & Producer

Before YouTube existed, the only way to see hot rod and custom car images was in magazines. Although Pat Ganahl created a “video magazine” sold on VHS tapes, there was nothing else like it until Piero De Luca’s created “The Mad Fabricators Society.” In the early 90’s, working as a video editor, Piero came up with the idea of filming the car scene he loved. Back then, the next-gen retro “hot rod” scene was booming. This bunch of kids was way wilder than older hot rodders.  Piero’s filming and editing style drew from his youthful influences like emerging skate and music videos.


Piero successfully launched the DVD “Mad Fabricators Society Volume One” in 2004. He offered DVDs, Music CDs, and other merch promoting his “one-man show.”  He generated publicity by creating his own website, using message boards, magazine coverage, and word of mouth. The series continued on DVD with “worldwide” coverage until streaming services became platform of choice. For 20 years Piero has been collaborating with artists like Von Franco for “The Car That Ate My Brain,” George Barris and others.  


In addition to TMFS, Piero shoots/edits for many clients including Stromberg Carburetors, Baileigh Tools, Midwest Speed & Power, and Walden Speed Shop. Recently he launched Mad Fabricators TV on YouTube to showcase his work and he is currently deep into building a clone of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s Tweedy Pie hot rod.

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