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Race Night

Written & Directed by Sean Jackson


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RACE NIGHT is a 22-minute short film that follows a tight-knit group of flat-track motorcycle racers and their families. Shot on location in rural Wisconsin at dirt ovals such as Aztalan Cycle Club in Lake Mills. 
In this thrilling “extreme” sport, these brakeless “left turn only” bikes are piloted at speeds of up to 140mph on the straightaways. Flat track racers slide through every corner keeping their balance by dragging their left foot on the ground, which is protected by a piece of equipment called a “Steel Shoe.”
The documentary introduces us to these seemingly disparate characters who are tied together tightly by flat-track motorcycle racing with the ultimate dream to become professional racers.
The “racing stars” include young guns like 14-year-old female racer and high school student Zaria Martens, high school student and professional hopeful Ezra Brusky, and veteran low-budget racer with many decades of competition under his belt, Gary Sweezey.

Sean jackson

Sean Jackson

Writer, Director & Producer

Sean Jackson is an American filmmaker & photographer based in New York City. His passion lies in documenting small groups of people, exploring the most intimate relationships while continuing to live life with the spirit of adventure. Jackson’s This is his first film with its premise stemming from his interest in motorcycles when he was a child.

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