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Louise Noeth



Louise Noeth


Louise Ann Noeth, aka “Landspeed Louise,” is the founder of LandSpeed Productions established in California offering creative writing, photography, design as well as public relations since ‘84. She has authored books such as the leading historical reference, Bonneville Salt Flats, which has been successfully in print for 11 years branching out into seven printings and multiple consults for the film and television industries on extreme speed.


Noeth’s award-winning writing and photographic work has been published in several languages among tons of international newspapers like her long-running national column, Fuel For Thought, provided readers for 12 years with an insider's view to land speed racing. Other publishing’s ranging from The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, to CAR&DRIVER, Automobile, Motor Trend, Automobile year, Smithsonian, and many others. 


Her photojournalism career began in 1979 with Petersen Publishing company making herself the first female editor-in-chief of any of the firm’s automotive publications; Later she became a team member of the now wildly successful HOT ROD and CAR CRAFT Nationals.


The auto racing background of Noeth is more complex starting in 1977 with a 250 mph jet dragster. In ‘96, she joined Craig Breedlove, to build Spirit of America Sonic Arrow world LSR car. ‘2000, she united with TEAM Vesco to recapture the World’s Fastest Wheel-Driven Automobile title topping of at 458MPH with Don Vesco at the wheel of the famous Turbinator. She was named Director of Sponsorship as well as Public Relations for the world speed record bid in 2008 after Steve Fossett purchased Sonic Arrow.


As one of few female auto writer/racers, she has worked on several auto industry tech committees with hopes of developing self-regulating guidelines for emission controls, tires, and suspension, also contributing to regulatory discussions with the Secretary of Energy in Washington, D.C.


Ms. Noeth’s work expands further than just that of her publications venturing into investigative reporting, feature and technical writing, public relations campaigns, and of course her photography having been peer-voted dozens of times into the highest recognized levels by the International Automotive Media Conference (IAMC), All American Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association (AARWBA), Society of Automotive Historians (SAH) and the Motor Press Guild (MPG) the largest professional automotive media association. She is most commonly affiliated with, a member of, or a volunteer to Society of Professional Journalists, Western Automotive Journalists, AARWBA, SAH, IAMC and served as an officer of the Motor Press Guild and the International Motor Press Association.

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