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Four Speed Films

Behind the Lens of Ben Kahan

Capturing the heart and soul of amazing
cars and their fascinating owners and creators, Four Speed Films is on a mission to bring old school muscle and the art and craft of car building to the screen, for a whole new generation.

Greg Smith is a certified muscle car fanatic who spent 30 years of his life in the automotive magazine business.  Out of his stable of cars, his ’67 Fastback is probably his favorite. Learn how he acquired his “green machine,” and turned it into the beast it is today.


Sid is a “younger” classic Porsche owner.  From Dubai, his take on the California car scene gives you a unique and fresh perspective. His story is inspiring.  We were honored to film him weeks before he had to return home.


Growing up in LA during the 50s Suzanne was inspired by the hot rod she saw being built across the street from her house.  Her ’34 Ford is just a small pie slice of her interests which vary from fine art oil painting to working on her model T Ford.


One of the most influential “rough around the edges” traditional hot rods ever built, Robert's "Prickly Heat" is known as the first “rat rod.” One of the Kustom Kulture art movement, he spills the beans on his unbelievable life and his favorite car, the 1932 Ford.


Alfredo is a perfect example of what Four Speed Films aspires to share with the world. At 22, years old Alfredo and his brothers have a backyard hot rod shop. Experience the next generation of hot rod builders as the tradition evolves.


Ben Kahan


At an early age, Ben wanted to make a movie called “Stunts.” He and his friend Joey would perform action-packed movie-style stunts, with “Dad” behind the camera.  Ben’s passion for storytelling was ignited.

He picked up a camera and started capturing life through the lens, growing ever more confident with a camera.  He filmed anything and everything, but when Ben started high school, his love of storytelling collided with the teenaged symbol of freedom.  The car.

Ben reimagined his popular YouTube channel focusing on car culture.  Growing up in an artistic Hot Rod / Custom Car home, he was a natural with a keen talent for finding the right shot to capture the soul of a car.


Everything came together when with the help of his Dad and Grandparents, Ben purchased and started to work on a worn-out cool 4-speed “Stang” that evolved into a “traditional patinated muscle car.”  It was on this journey that Four Speed Films was born as a content and product brand.

On the verge of graduating from Cal State Long Beach’s film program, Ben is excited to capture stories of the beautiful cars and their amazing owners.

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