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Written & Directed by Brooke DeBoer

Fast life is your all-access pass into the world of competitive motorsports featuring a behind the scenes look at race car driver Derek DeBoer's life, through the lens of wife and filmmaker Brooke DeBoer as she chronicles the successes, challenges, and roadblocks they face as they chase their dreams and manage to raise 3 girls along the way.

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Brooke DeBoer

Writer, Director & Producer

Brooke DeBoer is dynamic creative force of nature, Filmmaker, author, life coach, mother of 3 young women and wife and principle support system for husband and race car driver Derek DeBoer.  Brooke created a platform to follow her dreams as a filmmaker which allows her to include the daily activities of her family as they also pursue their individual creative paths.  It all started with a simple question to Derek, "what have you always wanted to do?" The answer leads to a joint pursuit of following their dreams both individually and as a family.  As most positive thoughts and actions often do, this one question led to a myriad of creative projects, most spearheaded by Brooke, successful racing results, television series, writing a children's book,with illustrations by their daughter,  and 3 young women well on their way to completing their individual educational pursuits.  She's a whirlwind of creativity and positive reinforcement.  AutoMoto is very proud to present Brooke,Derek, and the DeBoer girls in the series.


Road America in the Rain - 2019

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