Talking Cars & Motorcycles with Stunt Man Legend, Pete Antico by Charlie LaRose

Meeting a Stunt Man – by Charlie LaRose

Have you ever wanted to talk to the stunt men who performed the most amazing stunts that made your favorite action movies your favorite?  We’ve definitely had that wish, and thankfully we’ve befriended a stunt man from the era of truly tough stunt actors, Pete Antico.

Motorcycle Gang Milius

If you were a stunt actor in the 70s and 80s, you receive a higher level of respect from the motion picture community. Stunt actors back then didn’t have the comfort of CGI to vamp up their stunts, efficient body pads to soften falls, wire and cable rigs on stand by, etc.. If you were on set as a stunt actor and asked to jump your motorcycle off a ramp, fly off your seat and land feet first on concrete floor, you would tape up your ankles and hope the director wouldn’t ask you to do it again.  This is the era that stunt man, Pete Antico, emerged from. His stories include being launched off air ramps into the air during the movies like Pearl Harbor, hanging off the back of a speeding truck swerving in between concrete pillars, high falls from 65ft. onto a small inflated crash bag. And yes, he’s done quite a bunch of precision driving using muscle cars and motorcycles. When we asked Pete how he learned to become a qualified stunt driver, he chuckled and replied, “well,

Performing Precision Driving on Setback then you just found someone else who was doing what you wanted to learn and see if they would let you take out a car and speed and swerve until you tore up the car’s tires.” Sure beats precision driving courses starting at $3,000.00/three day beginners course.

Check out a video interview Pete generously allowed us to tape in his garage at his Los Angeles home. He’s quite the motorcycle and car loving stunt man we envision guys from his stunt era to be.

Pete has choreographed, trained, and/or performed stunts with stars such as Robert Deniro, Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, Don Johnson, Burt Reynolds, Treat Williams, Rene Russo, James Spader, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Brandon Lee, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, and Dennis Quaid.

Pete doubling for Robert Deniro on Midnight Run

Pete doubling for Deniro on "Midnight Run"

Pete and Mel Gibson on set for Lethal Weapon III 

Mel Gibson & Pete Antico on set

Pete doubling for Robert Deniro in NYC

Pete doubling for Robert Deniro in NYC

Precision Driving Performance on set doubling for Al Pacino

Pete Doubling for Al Pacino

Pete Doubling for Al Pacino