Our Day With Magnus Walker by Charlie LaRose

IMG_2742Almost thirty years ago, Magnus Walker landed in the automotive industrial capital city of Detroit, Michigan, from his hometown of Sheffield, England. While working at a summer camp for underprivileged children outside of Detroitʼs city limits, he ventured into the city and indulged in the authentic punk and heavy metal music scene. With love for Detroit, he said his farewell and set out to Los Angeles, California where he unknowingly would set up home base for the career oriented projects that would lead up to the creation of the foundation for what Magnus is to this day known for best, his vast collection of restored Porsche sports cars.IMG_2714

When Fred LoBianco, creator of the AutoMoto Film & Arts Festival, Mark MacInnis, board member of the festival, and I (Charlie LaRose), photojournalist to the festival, went to visit the creative compound that serves as a home/office for his wife, himself and their dog, we were astonished with Magnusʼ presentation. Just when we assumed we had seen all the space had to offer, Magnus would guide us up to yet another level of creative, well curated, aesthetically pleasing space which continued all the way to the rooftop with a view of downtown Los Angeles.IMG_2748

Itʼs easy to get carried away in trying to describe Magnusʼ home and work space in detail; too much for the eyes to capture in such small amount of time. But the group vote on what was most impressive was the garage that contained the most beautifully restored Porsche sport cars with genuine details right down to the seat belts, lit perfectly by the light shining through the skylight windows. There were rows of cars of different vibrant colors and design, garage walls displaying framed Magnus Walker archives and articles, a sliding garage door that gave way to a flood of sunlight, warming up the sleeping ladies inside.

As an end to our visit with Magnus, we ended with a rush of excitement and gratitude when Magnus agreed to appear at the Automoto Film & Arts Festival in Detroit, announcing a special return to the industrial city for the first time since he landed as a 19 year old kid straight from England. Weʼre excited to welcome Magnus Walker back to a city he has fond memories of, as well as witness him and his crew make the next short film to his series, Urban Outlaw Detroit.

By: Charlie LaRose