Godspeed the Page Jones Story

Friday May 13th – 7:30pm at the YMCA screening room

“Godspeed: The Story of Page Jones” is a documentary of a racecar driver’s recovery from a severe traumatic brain injury. Chronicling 20 years, Page Jones redefines victory while advocating for access to long-term rehabilitation for others. Page is living proof that with support, quality lives are within reach.

The story begins with a crash. Page Jones’ young life passes before his eyes.  

With Indy 500 winner Parnelli Jones for a father, comparisons are easy. Page is expected to be a great driver and he is.  Leading at Eldora Speedway in 1994, he hits the wall.  The accident looks routine but is not.  While rolling he is hit in the head by a passing racecar.  By the time Page’s racecar stills, he is turning blue.  

His near death experience gives him a reason to choose life.

He would not wake up fully for months having suffered a severe brain injury. Page does not remember being 22 but footage from his early recovery shows his struggle.

While no family is prepared for the burdens of taking care of someone with such an injury, the Jones family is determined. Page will never race again, but he will have a life worth living.

After 15 years, Page has a positive attitude and lives with his wife Jamie and their family. His short-term memory is unreliable. Learning new skills is difficult yet his daily pursuit. He is a working miracle.

Page encourages his family to help him share his story and advocate for others who still struggle. His message is two-fold: access to quality rehabilitation is essential and never give up.