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Do you have a great AutoMoto Film we should see?  Then get it to us through one of the following methods.  Please make sure to read all of the submission rules and requirements (listed below) before you submit.

Submission Rules and Guidelines

Automotive Film and Arts Festival


ENTRY DEADLINE    –   March 31, 2016 – 11:59PM PST 

May 12-14, 2016 Festival Detroit, MI

Note: Submissions may be a work-in-progress form; however, works that are not final cuts must be clearly marked “Work in Progress (WIP)” or “Rough Cut” with an indication of what will change or what is missing (e.g., temp sound, Avid output, missing animation, etc…

ENTRY FEES: Micro $10, Shorts: $15, Features: $25

You may submit your fees through the online entry system with the link below.

or with a check or money order payable to Automoto Events.

AUTOMOTO FILM AND ARTS FESTIVAL ENTRIES SHIPPING ADDRESS All submissions must be sent prepaid (including any applicable customs fees) to: Islay Events attn: AutoMoto ENTRIES P.O. Box 91323, Santa Barbara, CA 93190-1323

We encourage filmmakers to submit their work as early as possible.

Note: Entry fees are in U.S. Dollars, are per film and are non-refundable. The Festival reserves the right to disqualify a submission, without refund of any kind, if eligibility requirements are not met including if eligibility status changes post-submission.

 Upon submission, filmmakers are encouraged to:

1) LIKE Automotive Film and Arts Festival on Facebook to connect and receive the latest festival updates;

2) POST a poster or production still from your film on Automotive Film and Arts Festival Facebook page with a comment: Submitted my film to Automotive Film and Arts Festival today!

3) SHARE your post on your FB wall.

4) Do the above on Twitter @autofilmfest


The AutoMoto Film and Arts Festival is an event that embraces all the incredible aspects of our emotional attachment to all things motoring, telling it’s rich history through the visual, auditory and written art.

The work presented should be a story from the automotive or motorcycling world that is told in a wonderful cinematic way and embodies the passions of our audience.

Entrants must fully comply with these Entry Rules & Regulations, including all deadlines, film length, entry material and other requirements.

Non-English language works must have English subtitles at the time submitted. Dialogue lists will not be accepted.


PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTIONS: Films produced or commissioned by an agency, company or other entity for commercial use on web, television, or film. We encourage filmmakers, companies, and agencies to submit projects here.

Micro: under 10 minutes

Short: 10 min -59 min

Full Length: 60 min or longer

INDEPENDENT: Films privately produced with no commercial backing that would define it as a professional production and are also not a student film. This is the general category for amateur filmmakers.

Micro: under 10 minutes

Short: 15 min -59 min

Full Length: 60 min or longer

STUDENT ENTRIES: Films produced as a project while an active film student. Filmmakers do not need to be currently enrolled, however the piece submitted must have been produced while in an accredited film school program. Please include school name and dates attended with along with your submission.

Micro: under 10 minutes

Short: 10 min -59 min

Full Length: 60 min or longer


All entries must include the following:

If Submitting by DVD

Please submit TWO DVD copies of the work, formatted for multi-zone or for Zone 1 (North America) and labeled with the work’s title, running time, director(s) name(s). Entries in any other format will not be accepted for preview. Check that each submitted DVD plays in its entirety on consumer DVD players. Also, do not put adhesive labels on the discs unless it is a professional output job (if burning yourself, use a permanent marker to write necessary information).

Note: It is Entrant’s sole responsibility to ensure all ENTRY MATERIALS arrive at the shipping destination within the deadline. The Festival reserves the right to disqualify any submission, without refund of any kind, which does not arrive at our shipping destination within the deadline window. Up during and up to 3 weeks after the applicable submission window deadline, Entrants may email to find out if the Festival received the submission.

*Entry materials will not be returned and will be archived, destroyed or discarded by the Festival.

If Submitting Online

We use multiple online film submission system and encourage you to use them. You may also submit a vimeo or youtube link if you prefer. Please note that no submissions will be viewed until submission fees have been paid.


Each entered film must be submitted on its own DVD(s) or VOD link and accompanied by its own completed “Entry Form”; please do not send a compilation reel composed of works for separate entries.


If your work was submitted and considered for previous editions of The AutoMoto Film and Arts Festival, you may re-enter it if all eligibility requirements are met (see above).


Festival programmers select and invite all the films to be presented at the Festival, with all “Premieres” given priority (see eligibility requirements above). Invited filmmakers will be notified by email or phone via the information provided on the submitted entry form. Make sure to update us with new contact information or any other festival invitations prior to the Festival at We may rescind an invitation if a film’s eligibility status changes.


ALL films submitted to the festival are seen and scored separately by two different programmers. All films that have a higher average, or are a favorite of a programmer, go on to final deliberations. AFAF selects its films by majority vote. We reserve the right to change or rescind any selection at our sole discretion.

IF YOUR WORK IS SELECTED If your work is selected, you must fulfill the following requirements by the date(s) designated by the Festival: You must execute a release agreement wherein you (i) accept responsibility for obtaining any and all clearances necessary to exhibit your film at the Festival; (ii) warrant that you have the rights necessary to exhibit your film at the Festival; and (iii) indemnify and hold harmless Auto Moto Film and Arts Festival, its parent company, its affiliates, and subsidiaries and any of their respective directors, officers, employees, and representatives against any claim arising out of exhibition of your film at the Festival.

You must deliver to the address(es) designated by the Festival (i) one exhibition copy of the invited work; We recommend you ship via courier in order to permit the tracking of your entry once it leaves your hands. All exhibition copies must be delivered in DVD, BlueRay, or DCP. The Festival will arrange (and pay cost of) return shipping your print(s)/video(s) after the conclusion of the Festival upon request. You must provide at least one DVD copy of the final, completed film for Festival archives.

FESTIVAL SECTIONS* Works invited to participate in the Festival will be shown in the section determined most appropriate by Festival programmers, in their sole discretion.

AUTOMOTIVE FILM AND ARTS FESTIVAL ENTRIES SHIPPING ADDRESS All submissions must be sent prepaid (including any applicable customs fees) to: Islay Events LLC Attn: AutoMoto ENTRIES P.O. Box 91323, Santa Barbara, CA 93190-1323