Camilo Pardo, AutoMoto artist, advisor and friend

CamiloPardoHere is a great trailer for the upcoming short about Camilo Pardo AutoMoto artist, advisor and friend. The film is being produced by Mark MacInnis and we hope to screen it at one of or several of the festival locations next year. Plus some nice art samples.



Born in New York city, Camilo moved to Detroit at the age of 10 and had by that age developed a fascination with 60s and 70s era sports cars and modern art. After graduating from Detroit’s prestigious design school Center for Creative Studies in 1985, Camilo was hired by Ford Design Center in Dearborn Michigan. His assignments included working in the Dearborn Advanced Studios, Ford of Europe- Torino, Italy Studio , and the Design Studios in Cologne Germany. After 15 years at Ford Motor Company, he took on what was for him the ultimate assignment … a state of the art re-design of the classic Ford GT race car. This project developed the 2002 Ford GT concept car. As chief Designer of the Ford GT and the SVT Studio, Camilo’s team worked on the 2005 and 2006 production Ford GT . The GT became an instant suc- cess capturing the interest of car enthusiasts around the world.

At the end of the work day at Ford, Camilo continued to explore an additional avenues of art & design. With the integration of Design principles and the ab- stractions of Fine Art, Camilo explores alternative design solutions. This work is created in his studios, located in the city of Detroit and Los Angeles. His studios has been the scene of more than a few of Detroit’s open- ings and receptions. For the last 15 years, his studio has hosted the Detroit Auto’s Designers’ Night. An internationaly recognized event which is attended by top automotive personnel and designers from all over the world.The North American International Auto Show has included Designer’s Night as a recog- nized NAIAS event appearing in all NAIAS publications.
By evening, Camilo is a serious, multi-faceted artist with incomparable cre- ative energy. This creativity is evident in his large, brightly colored oil paint- ings on canvas.This includes a large production of Automotive Fine Art. The same quality of creativity reaches a line of fashion design, that he describes as advanced fashion concepts. These fashion pieces have been created for auto shows and runway exhibits. Camilo’s industrial design reaches into sculptural furniture design, that has made the rounds from main art galleries in Metro Detroit, Italy, Japan, and the Contempory Furniture Fare in New York. As a dedicated artist who sets no limits on his creative endeavors, Camilo has found that his outside artistic expressions further strengthen and complements his passion for automotive design.

Here are a few samples of his wonderful art.  For more info: