Talking Cars & Motorcycles with Stunt Man Legend, Pete Antico by Charlie LaRose

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Havana Motor Club 3

The Havana Motor Club interview with director B.J Perlmutt by Mark MacInnis

If Detroit is known as the “Motor City”, should we start calling Cuba the “Motor Island”? Yes! The streets of Cuba contain a “rolling” museum of classic American cars, and in a very natural and practical way, Cuba has preserved a beautiful piece of Detroit’s history for all to see….


Our Day With Magnus Walker by Charlie LaRose

Almost thirty years ago, Magnus Walker landed in the automotive industrial capital city of Detroit, Michigan, from his hometown of Sheffield, England. While working at a summer camp for underprivileged children outside of Detroitʼs city limits, he ventured into the city and indulged in the authentic punk and heavy metal…


Camilo Pardo, AutoMoto artist, advisor and friend

Here is a great trailer for the upcoming short about Camilo Pardo AutoMoto artist, advisor and friend. The film is being produced by Mark MacInnis and we hope to screen it at one of or several of the festival locations next year. Plus some nice art samples.     Born…

Carlos, Camilo, Magnus, Piti, and Bent outside of the Madison Preview

Thank you DETROIT, here are some pictures to remember us, see you next year

We had a great time, and our guests had an even better time…as if that we’re possible.  Thank you to all of the great car and motorcycle fans that came out for the First Annual Auto Moto Film and Arts Festival in Detroit.  Especially to all of our sponsors and partners…


Closing Night at Auto Moto In Midtown Detroit

Only one night left to the AutoMoto Film and Arts Festival, and we’re cruising into the coolest burgeoning community in the heart of old Detroit.  We’ll be all over the place with great automotive and motorcycle films playing at Cinema Detroit, Great Lakes Coffee, and the infamous studio of Camilo…

Ford GT40s

Friday May 29th We talk about the progression from the Ford GT 40 to the present day Ford GT’s

Join us at the Fillmore when we discuss the iconic Ford GT 40 and modern Ford GT’s with Raj Nair and Camilo Pardo.  This will be an interesting look into the DNA of one of the most recognized symbols of American racing engineering and design.  Both of our guests have played…


Why We Ride

Saturday May 30th Cinema Detroit 8:30 PM   Why We Ride Why We Ride is a story about who we are. Individuals with a desire to dream, discover and explore. From a kid’s dream come true, to a retiree’s return to freedom. From a family riding together on the sand dunes, to hundreds…

magnus walker 911 1971

Magnus Walker and his one-of-a-kind Urban Outlaw 911-T “277”

Watch for this sweet ride around the streets of Detroit May 28-30th. Porsche icon Magnus Walker and his one-of-a-kind Urban Outlaw 911-T “277″ will be cruising the streets of Detroit May 28-30th. #automoto when you spot them.   Don’t miss a chance to see Magnus Walker and Camilo Pardo live onstage with Cuban racers Armando “Piti”…


Camilo Pardo by Mark MacInnis

CAMILO PARDO – AUTOMOTO INTERVIEW by Mark MacInnis What’s up buddy? How’s everything going? Alright, another beautiful day in Dirty City. (laughs). We’ve been friends and working together for over 10 years, you always have some kind of automotive movie playing in your studio. You can’t sleep without one playing…

us at vanfest

VANNIN’, Documentary by Nick Nummerdor & Andrew Morgan – Interview by Charlie LaRose

“An Interview with the Vannin’ Guys” Directors, Nick Nummerdor and Andrew Morgan, delighted us by taking time to speak with Charlie LaRose, photojournalist to our festival, about the making of Vannin’, a documentary about custom vans and the vannin’ lifestyle. We’re definitely excited to view their film, and even more…


Going Attractions – The Definitive Story The American Drive-In Movie

DIRECTOR: APRIL WRIGHT Interview by: MARK MACINNIS Making a documentary is not an easy task, most of the time it takes years to complete and it’s the passion for that specific subject that keeps you going. Where did the interest or passion for drive-in movie theaters come from? “Going Attractions”…

Havana Motor Club 1

Havana Motor Club

Havana Motor Club Join us in Detroit as we launch the Auto Moto International Film and Arts Festival where we will be screening this truly special film featuring some of the greatest cars from the golden age of american manufacturing and the stories of the people that have rebuilt them for generations….


South American Cho-Low interview with Phuong-Cac Nguyen and Alfredo Ritta by Mark MacInnis

I’ve known Alfredo Ritta for over 10 years, he’s introduced me to spaghetti western films and yerba maté. Most recently he’s introduced me to the low-rider culture in Brazil through his and director, Phuong-Cac Nguyen’s (PC), latest documentary film, SOUTH AMERICAN CHO-LOW – a short documentary that examines the meeting…

Automoto Guest Main image white

Detroit – Guests

Camilo Pardo, Magnus Walker, April Wright, just to name a few of the guests coming this year to Auto Moto Detroit. Magnus Walker will be out and about with us in Detroit all weekend, but you won’t want to miss when we screen his film Urban Outlaw along with a…